The Pinterest Project

Last year I got an invite to Pinterest and I logged in and saw some pretty pictures, re-pinned them and then walked away and forgot it existed. I just did not get how that was a tool that would have any relevance for me.

Beware of joining. It’s addictive.

Fast forward to last November and Lara made me write a post about Pinterest, knowing I’d do my research, invest some time and get some input from other users - and ultimately get hooked.

It takes only one look at my Pinterest profile to see that she was right. I have almost as many pins from the last 6 months than I do stumbles (StumbleUpon) in the last 18 months! So hooked.

But I don’t do anything with it. Yet. 

A couple of weeks ago I read my friend Becky’s quite humorous story of trying out a pin project (you should totally read her blog if you’re into blogs - she’s lovely!) and now I’m inspired to try out at least one Pinterest Project a month. And given the state of my linen closet, I do believe I will even take a stab at the organization idea Becky tried. And I am roughly 99.99% percent certain that my closet will resemble Becky’s!

I think the main focus is going to be on my Organizational Utopia board, because who doesn’t need to organize some part of their life a bit more or better? However, Yummilicious and Be a Better Blogger will come a close second and third. 

If you’re not on Pinterest, then I apologize for the teaser links that you can’t actually see anything on. However, if you’re interested in joining, you just let me know in the comments and make sure you include your email address and I’ll send you an invite!

I think this is going to be a fun part of 2012. 

Day 11 - What do you wish you'd done more of in 2011?

What do you wish you’d done more of in 2011?


I have a whole list of things I wish I’d done more of. It includes exploring Ottawa, consistently working on getting healthier, and several of the items on a long-ago bucket list.

I have crocheted some, but not nearly enough - I’d really like to finish the scarf I’ve been working on for Brandon for almost two years now.

I’ve gotten completely off the rails with practicing photography. That makes me sad. Part of the reason is my kit lens limitations. The 50mm I got for Christmas last year is fantastic, but also limiting. I’m finding I really want something like this now. Oy. (It’s never going to end, is it?)

Sign Language…yeah, I’ve barely even tried. It’s harder now that Brandon’s talking. 

I’ve had a lot of practice with Photoshop and Illustrator this year. I’ve also added Lightroom and InDesign to my list of software that I’m learning. I get to use them often for work, so that helps a great deal.

Blogging has put my creative writing interest on the back burner. One day I’ll try to get back to it, but for now I know it just isn’t where my heart or my head is at.

I’m never going to be a Web Designer by trade, but I’m progressing in what little I know. I can’t do anything exceptional, but I’m mostly happy with the results of what I am able to do. 

Cooking is something I wish I’d do a lot more of. It would certainly save us money as a family and that’s never a bad thing. I just wish I could derive some enjoyment from it. I don’t like it and I’m not sure how to change that.

Somewhere in here there are goals for 2012, but I haven’t a clue which ones I’d like to pursue yet. I’m still hopeful that I can finish that scarf before the end of this year. I should go work on it right now.