The New Year's resolution was an epic failure...this is my half-year resolution

I had a completely gluttonous day today. There is neither any valid excuse nor is there getting around the fact that I had a total pig out day. This year was supposed to be my year to get down to business and get healthy. This was my New Year's Resolution, which I thought about a great deal:

"to commit to and actively practice a healthy lifestyle"
It wasn't about losing weight per se, but that is certainly a benefit of living a healthy lifestyle. My biggest problem is that I let life circumstances get in the way. I'm easily distracted by work, stress, leisure activities, Internet, my husband, my son and a multitude of other "reasons" why I just don't have time to work out or prep meals or go to the grocery store.

This past week, I posted this video to Facebook (which makes today even worse for me):

I was seriously disturbed by the state of the McDonald's food in this video, despite having watched SuperSize Me years ago. I swore back then that I wasn't going to eat at McD's again, but I forgot the impact that documentary had on me and started eating there again. I have to admit that I don't particularly even like McDonald's food anymore, except for breakfast. My biggest weakness in life is breakfast foods. I have no trouble saying no to McDonald's for lunch or dinner, but breakfast is tempting. I'm really digressing here...back to the video above.

I posted that video on Facebook and had some interesting comments.

One friend wrote:

I believe it...I've got those McD. fries in my car! :) THose things are hard as nails. I wonder what happens if you make your own french fries from real potatoes. I'm betting they don't turn grey like her 3 month old slices of potato and they are made of real food. Fresh slices of potato would, I know but fried? Someone try that.

Another replied:

Yes, she needs to compare the old McD's fries to actual french fries, not cut a cut up potato. But her point still stands.

Here's my response to both of them, because they made very good points:

Morgan Spurlock actually did "age" some chip wagon fries as part of the bonus material in SuperSize Me. They probably aren't that much different than what someone would cook at home and they did decompose pretty much as you would expect.

I think what's more alarming about this video than the fries is the burger and bun. I know bread will mold within days - anyone who's lived in the south has seen how quickly a bag of bread (of any kind) will spoil in the humidity. I can't say I've ever seen cooked ground beef go bad, so I don't know what happens with it, but it doesn't seem right that that patty was doing nothing but turning into petrified meat.

(I ran across this (very short) blog post recently:

In the link above the comment that really got to me (and why I posted it) was this: "If wild animals or microbes wouldn't touch it, why would you want to eat it?"

After all of that effort reminding myself of the evils of fast food, I had a day where I had fast food and made bad (actually horrible) choices at home. So, it's time to make a change and stick to it. I have pretty good health right now, but if I don't change my current bad habits I won't be so lucky in the future.

I guess this is my half-year resolution - to get my butt in gear and get healthy! :)