A birthday like no other - I feel really special

I woke up this morning when my son started to get fussy in his room. His Thomas toy just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. And though he was awake, we weren’t really ready for him to come out of his room. Fortunately, we have a distraction that works incredibly well. Distraction, thy name is iPad - also affectionately known as Addy when Matt and I don’t want Brandon to know what we’re talking about.

I stumbled across the hall to deliver Addy under his bedroom door. As I turned away, I said good morning to Matt coming up the stairs. He was carrying a plate of food in his hand and I thought, “Wow - he’s really ahead this morning.” Except, the food wasn’t for Brandon - it was for me. He had a plate in one hand and my coffee in the other all set to deliver it to me in bed. (I’m not making this up - my husband is truly that awesome.)

I foiled his plan (sort of), but I climbed back in bed and ate my breakfast and drank my coffee knowing the day was going to be nice. 

Except it wasn’t. 

At some point - maybe around 6:45 - my friend, Lara, texted me and we got into a conversation that lasted pretty much the entire time I was getting ready. Towards the end, she asked if I had lunch plans. She was going to be downtown and wondered if I’d like to get together. I said yes and she proceeded to tweet it out to the world. And the world responded.

This cheesecake was delicious!I logged on to twitter later to see that our lunch date had grown - and it grew and grew to include 10 people and 4 children. We went to Spin Kitchen & Bar and were given the royal treatment by the staff there, thanks to Anathea. Great friends, great food, great fun. I got to meet Jenn who asked me to go be a social media judge at Yuk Yuks tonight, which I must admit is a pretty cool and fun way to spend my birthday! I also got to see Amy for the first time in too many months. Krista decided to come and “crash our party”. Stéphanie very skillfully convinced Sara and Anna that it really would be okay to come with their children - and I am really glad she did. And Vicky braved the parking challenge to make a special trip downtown as well. All with a couple of hours of notice.

I told you my day wasn’t nice. In fact, it’s been FANTASTIC!

Thank you to each and every one of the dozens upon dozens who have left messages on Facebook and twitter for me. I appreciate that you took the time to do it. You made my day special and made me feel special. And that is worth more than any material item in the world.

Thank you for being such awesome people. You absolutely made my day.


P.S. You can read about my birthday gifts to myself over at Losing it in Ottawa today!