Truth Day 02 - Something you love about yourself.

Photo Credit: Kym Shumsky ( you find it very difficult to identify something you love about yourself? I do.

When I saw the Day 1 prompt, something you hate about yourself, I knew which of the two would be easier to write. At the same time, I wish I hadn’t had to start on such a negative note. 

It’s taken me a few days to figure out what I love about myself. Well, actually, it just took me that long to figure out an answer less superficial than my hair. You see, I do truly love my hair. It’s the one feature I have that I have no complaints about. I’ve done absolutely nothing to promote good hair - it was simply the luck of the draw in the genes department that I ended up with nice, easy-to-manage hair.

But hair doesn’t make for a particularly challenging subject to post about and I started this to challenge myself to open up a bit more in this space. 

So, what do I love about myself?

I came up with a fairly decent list, but it boils down to patience. Somehow, over the years, I’ve settled into a place of calm and I’ve developed a patience that even I don’t fully understand. I’ve used this patient streak of mine to diffuse potentially volatile situations. I’ve used it to understand different perspectives. I’ve used it to figure out complex formulas I need for Excel spreadsheets - and then the inevitable troubleshooting that follows.

If I evaluate my reactions to stressful situations, I’m proud to see that the older I get, the more my actions reflect the influence of my mother in my life. You couldn’t meet a more down-to-earth, sweeter woman. Ever since I realized that I saw her in that light, I’ve wanted to follow in her footsteps. Perhaps I’m succeeding to a certain degree.

Of course, I have my moments. No one has a limitless supply of patience (and Ottawa drivers test mine on a regular basis). To say that I love my patience feels a little like an ego trip, but it is the one character trait that I’ve worked hardest to cultivate and I feel a certain amount of pride in that.


This post is all about truth - Day 2 of my 30 Days of Truth. I’m not the only one, so here are others if you’re interested in getting to know other bloggers.

Truth Day 01 - Something you hate about yourself

Photo Credit: Kym Shumsky ( friends mean a great deal to me. Friendship, in general, is something I value. Having people in my life that support me through good times and bad is priceless. And I try to be a good friend in return. But I hate the way I handle friendships.

It goes back to a situation over 10 years ago that hurt me deeply. In one fell swoop, I lost many friends and my ability to trust. It’s something that I’ve consciously worked on for the past couple of years. Because I think friendship is important.

I’m realistic enough to know that I’m not going to connect with every person in my life on a deeper level, but I’m reaping the rewards of opening up. There is no group better than my Book Club (BK). There is no group better than the women who’ve become my friends who lose weight together. There are countless other people in my life outside of these groups who lift me up and encourage me constantly.

I am so blessed.

And yet, I still hold back. I still fear intimacy in friendships. The fear of possible rejection stifles my openness. I hate that about myself, but I don’t want to be hurt again. Recently, my fears came true in the ugliest possible way. 

Despite that, I know that there is no better feeling than knowing that a friend has your back when times are tough. That lesson has been hammered home to me as well in the past couple of weeks no less than a couple dozen times. 

I am beyond blessed.

And, one day, maybe this thing I hate about myself will become a thing of the past.


This post is all about truth - Day 1 of my 30 Days of Truth. I’m not the only one, so here are others if you’re interested in getting to know other bloggers.

30 Days of Truth

Photo Credit: Kym Shumsky ( the past few weeks, the pause button has been depressed on my blog. I’ve been on the cusp of many changes and dealing with other stressful situations so there hasn’t been as much time to spend blogging and I’ve gotten a little out of practice. At first when I started seeing this meme popping up, I didn’t really want to participate, but…

I need a challenge to get my head back into blogging again and this is going to be a pretty good one for me, because I’ll have to think pretty hard about how I want to write about some of these things. I may have a blog, but I still consider myself a private person. There is much that I do not and will not share in this space.

Have no fear - I won’t be posting every day. I’ll probably post other content in between these posts, but one-by-one I’ll write about each of these things until I have bared my soul online. Just kidding - that’s not gonna happen, but you will know me better by the end.

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