How girly are you? (My opinion, analysis and rants about a Facebook quiz.)

Last night, I was up very late due to insomnia and logged into Facebook. I saw a quiz called "How GIRLY are you?" and decided to take it. When I took the quiz at 12:30am, the quiz said I was 62% girly, which I think is fairly accurate. After seeing a friend who I consider to be quite a girly-girl get 12%, I decided to try again and I ended up with 12% as well. Obviously, I answered slightly differently the second time around, though I do think I was honest each time I took it, at least based on my mood at the time. My results as well as others' have sparked a bit of discussion, from maintaining your girly side as a mother of boys to what exactly "girly-ness" is.

After getting such drastically different results, I decided to take a closer look at the questions. Let me say first, though, that I do not believe these quizzes are scientific or an accurate indicator of any individual's personality; they are just for fun. Besides, as you'll see if you read on, these six questions with the limited responses provided don't cover nearly enough of the variables that can go into determining girly-ness.

1) Do you get manicures regularly?
(Options: Very Rarely, On special occasions or when I feel like pampering myself, No, Yes!)

My answer: Very Rarely. I used to have acrylic nails that I kept up for quite a while. Then I got tired of maintaining them and, for me, it was kind of a painful process. I gave that up and grew out my real nails. (Piece of advice: never get acrylics - they are both literally and figuratively a pain.) The only manicures I've ever had were gifts; I have never decided to go get one myself and paid for it.

Do manicures make you girly? I suppose it depends on your view of them. I do them myself when I have the time and desire. For me, it's more about grooming than girly-ness, unless it's a special occasion.

2) How many pairs of heels do you own?
(Options: I don't have any heels, 1-2, 3-4, 5+)

My answer: 1-2. Some of the girliest women I know do not wear heels. If a high heel is more than about 1.5 inches, I find it's more of a torture device than a shoe. I love shoes; I love pretty shoes, practical shoes, but most of all, I love comfortable shoes. I drag my one or two pairs of heels out on days when I want to project a strong, professional, put-together image - usually 2-3 times a year when I'm in a business casual work environment. For me, they are also essentially about grooming. And my girly-ness quotient gets knocked down a bit more when you factor in that I only ever wear them with pants. I haven't worn a dress in years! (Yeah, where was the question about dresses/skirts!?)

Do heels make you girly? I tend to think that Mary Janes are a far more "girly" shoe - or anything with bows on them - remember Sam & Libbys? Heels are the shoe of the strong, sexy, confident woman who wants to make a statement. My opinion is that heels don't qualify as girly. Though girly women do wear them, I tend to think of kitten heels as the girly form of them.

3) How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
(Options: 5-10 minutes, 10-30 minutes, 30-60 minutes, Over 1 hour)

My answer: 10-30 minutes OR 30-60 minutes. Most of the time, my morning prep lasts 40 minutes if I'm getting ready to go to work or have appointments or any other scheduled place to be. The days when I don't have anywhere to go and don't intend to try to impress anyone, 10-30 minutes is more than sufficient. And every few weeks, I'll soak in the tub and then it's definitely over an hour.

Does taking a long time to get ready in the morning make you girly? Probably. I was a lot girlier as a teenager and spent loads of time picking just the right outfit, making sure every hair on my head was in place and my makeup was picture perfect before I ever walked out the door. I think this one is a decent indicator of "girly-ness".

4) What is your favorite color?
(Options: Black, Pink, Red, Blue)

My Answer: Red. Talk about a loaded question, since 50% of the responses are pink and blue! Can we get off the pink for girls, blue for boys stereotype? I would dress my son in red and green 24/7 just to be contrary to that if I could. Unfortunately, most boys' clothes are blue! I hate this question as an indicator of girly-ness. My favorite color is purple (actually, eggplant or aubergine purple to be specific). Though red is a close second and I actually have a lot more clothes and other items that are red than purple.

Does your favorite color make you girly? This one depends a great deal on what you do with the color rather than the color itself. Do you cover your entire house in it and only ever buy clothes that color? Then you're possibly girly - even if your fave color is green or even blue! (There are baby blue colored clothes that I have refused to consider buying my son because I felt they might make him look girly.) Do you fill your life with lots of different colors and reserve your favorite color for favorite/special items? I don't see that as girly at all. There are far too many variables to this question for it to be an accurate indicator.

5) How many boys have liked you in the past 5 years?
(Options: 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6+)

My answer: 0-1. The one would be my son; he's a boy. My husband likes me, too, but he's a MAN (who, though I tease him about being a boy, he really is a man - and is probably rolling his eyes as he reads this).

With that brief explanation out of the way: ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? How is this even remotely relevant to girly-ness? Males are attracted to/interested in females for so many reasons that to even suggest that girly-ness is a primary factor (in general) on the NUMBER of males who "like" you is simply ludicrous.

6) Which of these activities are you most interested in?
(Options: Football, Gymnastics, Art, Ballet)

My Answer: Initially art; on the re-take, football. The truth is, I don't really have an interest in any of these options, though I like music, which is an art (but probably not the intended meaning of that particular choice). I picked football the second time because I am a lifetime Florida State University football fan, though I'm not a die-hard or dedicated follower of the team now that I don't have access to the games anymore.

Do activities make you girly? Not in my opinion; they make you well-rounded and interested in things outside of yourself (hopefully). My personal favorite activity is reading, which surely transcends any gender stereotypes and was not listed.

My Two Cents (if it's worth that much): Girly-ness is just too difficult to define and certainly not easily determined by a Facebook quiz. Every woman has girly facets to their personality and often it is an opinion based on biases and experience of those making the observation. Is there anything wrong with being girly? No. Women should feel free to express their femininity in the way(s) they are comfortable - even if the expression of femininity translates into "girly" behaviors. Whether it's taking a private Saturday soak in the tub or wearing a pretty pink dress to work.