It might be difficult, but we will get through this

When I look at this picture, I see the kind of pure, unfettered joy that is so often present in my son. Overall, he’s happy, good-natured and interested in discovering the world around him. This particular picture was taken at a recent family get-together when Brandon had the far-too-rare opportunity to visit and play with his Canadian cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

I was thrilled with how quickly he made himself at home and began interacting with the family, despite how little he’s been around them. We’ve been back for two weeks and he’s still talking about them, which means we’ve got to start making more trips to see them.

So much has been happening with Brandon over the last few months. Some of it really good, some of it not very fun and some of it has given us cause for concern.

He’s getting to an age where I’m hesitant to write specifics about the challenges we’re having, primarily because I don’t want him to read what I’ve written one day and be embarrassed that I shared these things with the world. I don’t believe what’s happening is cause for embarrassment, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. At the same time, I feel a selfish need for release, to feel the sympathy/empathy from fellow moms, to know I’m not alone.

The situation is getting to me more each day. It breaks my heart to see him struggle. Until we can figure out if this is just age/development related (which I doubt) or something that requires working with specialists, I’m going to keep it offline. 

We’ve started the process of tapping into local resources to get some help for him and I know that with time and care, everything will be fine. 

He’s a smart, beautiful, happy little boy and whatever happens in the coming months, we’ll get through it.