Burps, farts and belly laughs

I don’t know why, but the child absolutely loves being stuffed in buckets and buried in toys.When I was a teenager and started babysitting, I realized very quickly that boys were fun in a totally different, slightly more amusing way than girls. The girls in my babysitting days were fairly quiet and reserved. They didn’t do outlandish things that made me want to laugh at the same time I feared they would break their necks. (That wouldn’t look too good - me laughing as I tell parents their son is broken.) Those boys that were so much fun to babysit made me hope a little boy would be in my future as a mother. Nearly four years later, I’m having so much fun with my funny little guy.

One of the things that I adore about Brandon is his love of laughter. He likes to laugh, but he also gets such a kick out of making others laugh that it’s hard not to give him what he so desperately wants. The thing about being in a house filled with a bunch of boys (even the cat is a boy) is that they also think burps and farts are funny. Despite how quickly the latter will clear a room, I never fail to react in a way that makes my husband laugh at my nose’s thoroughly offended sense of smell.

Burping, on the other hand, is something that - when well-timed - I am ashamed to admit I think is quite funny. For example, if you watch the video below, you’ll see a scene from Wallace and Gromit that starts at about 1:20 that Brandon is currently watching over and over and over again. 

Seriously, that’s funny! Though it is funnier if you’re watching the whole movie, especially if Brandon’s sitting beside you. When he gets tickled by it, you can’t help but join in and laugh too.

One of these days I’ll have to teach him how to have proper manners. Thankfully he hasn’t figured out how to induce burping or farting on cue so it’s not a concern…yet. Until then, I’m just going to laugh.

Day 6 - Laughter (#reverb11)

Laughter What made you laugh this year?


I laugh a lot - I’m lucky like that. I have a witty husband who keeps me laughing. I have friends who all seem to have a great sense of humour. I am amused daily by things that my co-workers say and do. I have had Twitter buddies make me laugh out loud - even on the bus (so not cool). There’s so much to laugh at - in the joyful, fun way. I’m really blessed to have such fun, funny people everywhere I turn.

Brandon in the train on a recent trip to Saunders Farm.The person whose antics I’ve treasured most this year was Brandon. He’s at an age where his personality is starting to blossom and grow. He is starting to pick up on the nuance of teasing - and he’s trying it out. He knows that there are things that will make his mommy and daddy laugh and he takes great joy in making that happen.

I think the most exciting part of that is knowing that to be teased and tease in return takes a certain amount of trust and confidence. Trust that someone teasing you isn’t doing so in a hurtful matter. Confidence that you know someone well enough to tease them about something and know they’ll respond positively.

Seeing this develop in him gives me assurance that we’re doing all right.

Posts that made me smile - or laugh - this past week

I'm a day or two late getting to this, but here's my weekly list. I switched it up this week. It was a rough week for me in some ways, so I wanted to look for those things that would cheer me up. Here they are:

  • i said intentional, dammit - Momalom
    Anyone who knows me won't be surprised that the second picture gave me a big grin, and possibly a teeny, tiny case of phone envy, but I'm still quite happy with mine.
  • A Free-Range Bundle of Joy! - Free Range Kids
    I love the way of thinking that Lenore promotes on her blog and this new mom seems to be fully embracing it - with her one-month old. It's a very cute note about steps she's taking to let her one-month old son live a free-range life. 
  • Letters I Will Never Send - BORED Mommy
    Who doesn't have something to say to someone in their recent (or even distant) past that you'll probably never make the effort to say? We aren't talking earth-shattering revelations here. This one fits the theme of making me smile (perhaps even laugh). 
  • Splish Splash... - Trains, Tutus and Tea Time
    I love seeing kids enjoying things. Even if it's as basic as an impromptu water party. So cute!
  • Keepin' It All Cool - XUP
    Part of me wishes I worked for the Federal Government so I could have this kind of material to work with for my blog as well.

Have a great week everyone!!