These are the posts I found useful this week

This week was an emotional one for me, so to help me get past the emotion, I’m leaning toward the practical. I like practical help and useful information and these posts were the perfect complement to my theme.

  • Sharing the Purple Crying - Crunchy Carpets
    Ever since very early in Brandon’s life, I knew that he was an easy baby. There is no getting around it - we lucked out. Such is not the case for everyone and my heart goes out to those parents of babies who struggle so much. Because the baby’s struggle becomes the parents’ struggle becomes the family’s struggle. It’s just plain hard. I hadn’t heard about “purple crying” prior to reading this post, but I’m going to…ahem…attempt to make a purple cap. I’m not that good at knitting, so I may have to bail and ask a friend to do it for me so it will actually fit a baby’s head. Any volunteers? :)
  • Reading Tips for Toddlers - This Heavenly Life
    I have to say that Brandon adores reading, but with each new phase of his life, I do have to adjust how and when we read to his whims. I don’t want to force reading on him because I want him to continue loving it. If that means we don’t touch a book for weeks, then I’m okay with that. Sarah’s advice is very much along those lines, so if you’re struggling with how to read to a toddler, here’s help.
  • Core Expectations: I Wasn’t Expecting THAT - Sharon DeVellis: Inside Scoop
    Pregnancy can really ravage a woman’s abdominal area, but there are ways to recover and they don’t all require surgery (thank goodness). If you think you have diastasis rectii - abdominal separation - you may want to find a place like Core Expectations (Toronto), recommended by Sharon in her post.
  • Getting ready for school lunches and snacks - A little bit of momsense
    I have several friends with little ones starting school in a few weeks. Rebecca’s advice about lunches and snacks for school can help take care of the practical parts of sending your child off to school for the first time, even as you feel sentimental about them growing up.
  • Losing Weight Naturally - Weight Wise Community
    I’m not sure if you noticed, but losing weight is on my mind a lot. Getting healthy is on my mind a lot. Earlier today, I wrote my mantra on Twitter: Every time I make a healthy choice for myself, it’s a victory. Add each one up, and eventually I win! I love the tips in this article, but I would add one - being part of a supportive community is invaluable. I’ve found that at Losing it in Ottawa.

I hope you find some useful information here as well. Have a wonderful week!