I need to rant, but I can't remember why

I’ve come across so many things this week that have made me want to scream, pull out my hair, etc. I’ve been so busy that I can’t even remember most of what I’d been thinking to rant about. But last night I was at the grocery store and checking out diapers. I noticed they had a weekly special on - 2 for $40. Well, I’m not one to just take that as being a good deal, especially as it was on the smaller sized packages. It was 2/$40 on a 70 count pack. On the shelf just below, there was a 136 pack for $37. So, for $3, you can get 4 extra diapers. How is that deal special? The worst part of this for me was that the shelf with 2/$40 was half empty and the bottom shelf was quite full. That grocery store completely snowed a bunch of people! Why did they not at least check the unit price!?

I thought that consumers were supposed to be smarter in this “information age”. Aren’t we all supposed to be informed, aware and looking for the best options? But I don’t really see it very often. I’m guilty of buying things myself without researching first. I did that just last week when I got Matt’s birthday present. He ended up exchanging it for something that was better - and cheaper. Though, to be fair to myself, I was looking for the item he eventually bought - I just didn’t see it and I was getting it last minute.

So, who is responsible? The grocery store for advertising this “special” that doesn’t save money or the consumers who didn’t look down and do a little math? Knowing that unit pricing is generally lower as volume increases, I’d have to say that the consumers who didn’t look a little further are most responsible. Everyone’s talking about the economy, cutting back expenses, being smarter about managing money. Clearly, the big corporations are not the only ones that are mismanaging money. We should all look in the mirror if we want to know where to start fixing this mess.