These are the posts that made me appreciate "the magical moments"

It’s been a few weeks since I did my weekly wrap-up of the posts I liked during the week. The last couple of weeks I either forgot or had something else to post. This week, there were several posts that made me smile because they were family/relationship focused. They highlighted moments that make family so special. The moments that can make you feel like the richest person in the world on the days you’re at your lowest. That’s powerful and comforting. I had one of those moments myself this week, and it was just what I needed after a couple of less than stellar days. So, here we go!

  • The magical moments - A little perspective
    This post is appropriately named and was the reason I picked this particular theme this week. Take some time to check out Amanda’s blog - she just started a couple months ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading her posts. I get the added bonus of getting to hear the scoop from her in person each week at Book Club. ;)
  • An Interview with Justin - This Heavenly Life
    You can read this post and it’s amusing and cute. When you read between the lines, though, you can see a couple who enjoy each other. A couple who clearly practice good-natured teasing on a regular basis. There are a hundred things that are important in a relationship, but I think having a sense of humor is one of the essentials.
  • deconstructing santa - BAD MOMMY MOMENTS
    Some of the moments we have with kids are difficult and signal the end of an era. One more phase of their innocent childhood gone. I don’t see these moments as any less magical, as it’s all part of growing up, but they can be a minefield for parents to navigate. Which direction is best for your child? Are they ready for the truth and how do you maintain your values and beliefs while avoiding disillusioning your child unnecessarily?
  • The one with the earwigs - Postcards from the Mothership
    By the title, you can probably guess that this one is hard to find the magical moment in. Well, to be honest, I doubt the moment itself will ever be considered magical. But can you just imagine the retelling of this story - for years to come? It’s funny and horrifying, perfect for the type of legendary family tales that stand the test of time. Hopefully, by then the earwigs will be long gone.
  • Water Nymph - Here Where I Have Landed
    I recently took my son downtown to my own office when I was off one day. He ran all over the place, making everyone smile who saw him jet past. He took up residence in my co-worker’s chair, played with her computer and phone, having a tough conversation where he kept telling the caller “No”. Like Justine, having him there created memories in a different context for me that can help me smile on the days when work stress gets overwhelming. 

I hope you enjoy these “magical moments” and have a few of your own with your family this week!