Losing It In Ottawa

Today marks the launch of an exciting new blog in Ottawa. Six women. All bloggers. All mothers. All struggling in varying degrees with weight/health concerns. We’ve decided to take our struggle public in a way that’s challenging us to explore outside of our comfort zone, be accountable to each other/the community, and make some lasting, positive changes. 

Losing It In Ottawa is a place for anyone to come and find support (and information) as you work to lose weight or simply live healthier. We’re not experts, but we’re human. We know we may have small failures along the way and, through perseverance and determination, we will succeed in the long-term.

This week, each of us will be introducing ourselves and sharing a bit about our particular situation. We’ll also give a run-down of our short- and long-term goals and how we plan to achieve them. So, you’ll see something different from each of us every week.

Personally, I’m very excited about participating in this new blog. It’s just what I needed to get motivated to finally do something about these issues I’ve had for so long. I’m personally looking forward to finding the real me that’s buried underneath the weight I’ve accumulated over the years.

I hope you’ll stop by and check things out at Losing It In Ottawa! My fellow contributors are:

Barbara at Tales of life with a girl on the go

Donna at Kindred Crafters

Lara at Gliding Through Motherhood

Sara at My Points of View

Vicky at Some Kind of Wondermom

And if you’re into browsing through blog posts while you work up a sweat on the elliptical (as I have done on occasion), feel free to stop by their blogs as well!