Some help to Discover Ottawa in 2011 and beyond

This is a postcard I customized in the Discover Ottawa app. Don’t worry - this picture was from last summer. I don’t dress him like this in the winter. :)One of my goals for 2011 is to get out and around greater Ottawa more and really experience the things it has to offer. I’ve relied upon various friends, Kids in the Capital and Local Tourist Ottawa to give me ideas of what is going on or interesting to see around the city. But many of my resources are dependent on people already knowing about what’s going on in advance. And it’s sometimes hard to keep up with my blog reading. Actually, it’s a constant challenge these days.

When I heard that the City of Ottawa was launching an app called Discover Ottawa I was immediately interested. So, I got it and played with it and wrote about it. Read all about it over at Local Tourist Ottawa.