Monday was horrendous, but hope came on Tuesday

My biggest fear as we went through the day yesterday was the ching-ching that kept blaring louder (in my head) with every new development with our car.

When we piled in the car this morning, Matt turned it on, put it in reverse and…normal. Everything was normal. No dancing lights. No thunk. No wipers. He grabbed some papers from me that documented what went on the day before and threw them in the dash to give to the dealership later. As he did this, he said to me that he wonders if the problems have anything to do with our windshield being replaced last summer.

The short version (so you don’t have to click my link) is that a rock hit our windshield hard enough to chip it and cause some pretty wicked spider cracks that spread like wildfire across the glass within hours. I had to leave work early that day to take Brandon to the doctor and I was not one bit comfy about driving the car. Also, there was an earthquake while we were on the way home from the doctor. (How is it that this always happens to us? The raining and the pouring and all.)

Matt’s innocent question made me go A-HA! That kinda makes sense.

Windshield gets replaced, seal doesn’t work properly, so water gets in and mucks up the electronics causing all manner of weird things to happen as time goes by. As we all know, water and electronic stuff don’t get along very well.

Further proof that we have problems with the windshield: Remember those papers Matt put on the dash? They were wet by the time he got to the dealership to drop off the car.

So, if the insurance company’s repairs cause additional damage, does that mean that the ching-ching I hear is really for them?

Stay tuned…