The problem with being a geek

I’m not an excessively big spender. I buy clothes when I need them, though rarely at full price - I’m kinda cheap that way. I haven’t bought anything new for my house in about a year. I do buy books frequently, but I’m willing to cut back when it means I can get new tech. My biggest weakness is buying things for my son, but even that is waning. There’s just not anything he really needs, so I am finding it easy to resist all those cute clothes and toys these days.

My biggest problem is that I LOVE technology. My husband LOVES technology. We both carry “smart” phones. His is a brand new Blackberry from work and I have my three year old, well-used Treo. We’ve been super conservative with buying tech stuff over the last few years. In fact, since my Treo, the only new tech we’ve bought was a netbook. This is our thing. There was actually a time right after I got my laptop when we both had our respective laptops on while we were laying in bed and were instant messaging each other. Yes, that’s a little over the top - it only happened once. Call “tech” our hobby. Right this minute, I’m sitting at my laptop writing a blog post while Matt sits next to me at his computer surfing the Web looking for a new computer.

Yep! You read that right - he’s specing out a new computer. The dry spell is going to end soon. We are both starved for new technology. He’s needed a new PC for a long time, so he’s going to order one. I am jonesin’ for a new phone so bad I can hardly stand it. So, probably in a few more weeks, I’ll be sporting a lovely new iPhone if that’s what I ultimately decide to go with. (I’m about 97% sure right now.)

So, you’re probably wondering what the problem is. Well, I’ll tell you. Technology is all about innovation and new “stuff”. One can never keep up with the latest new thing out there – unless you’re made of money (I’m not) – and so having an interest in tech is expensive. But nothing beats that excitement and anticipation of getting a new piece of tech, bringing home the box and ripping it open. It’s like this great adventure to learn what it does and how it does them. The new PC is lightening fast. The new phone sends an email and browses the Web and even has GPS, unlike your old phone that could barely manage to text.

If you buy portable tech (like my future iPhone), you get to take it out there and show it off. Or maybe it’s a really cool camera that turns anyone into a quasi-pro photog. How great would it be to show off your amazing pictures on Flickr or Facebook!? (By the way, that’s going to be one of our next tech purchases – a camera. The one we have now is six years old. It still works well, but the picture quality is the pits.)

So, there you have it. I am a geek and so is my husband and we’re both okay with it. As long as we don’t have to wait overly long for our next tech toy.