Trying to learn something new

I really wish I’d done this while I was pregnant, but at least we’re doing it now. Matt and I are taking a sign language class. We’re going once a week for 8 weeks and learning some basic sign language to teach Brandon. The idea is that by using signs as we communicate with him, he should be able to communicate back with his hands more quickly than he can verbally. It can also help encourage literacy.

I’ve always wanted to learn sign language and for various reasons, I just haven’t ever done it. Having a baby was a really great motivator for me. It gives us something to do as a family and we’re all learning in the process.

If you’re interested, check out these resources:
My Smart Hands
Baby Signing Time

I just ordered the Baby Signing Time collection, so I haven’t used it yet, but the sample videos look really great. I honestly cannot wait to get the DVDs in to get more practice in and hopefully get Brandon interested in them as well. He’s so not into watching TV/videos - and we’re not going to encourage it, either!