Fourteen years of Morning Light


It was the beginning of December and the night air was cool. I walked slowly to the classroom, the butterflies in my stomach increasing with every step. This was almost as nerve-wracking as my audition six months previous.

Studio class.

I had three months of vocal training. Everyone else had years. Why couldn’t I get laryngitis today? Or the flu? Measles would have been acceptable, too.

Would I remember the words? Would I say them properly if I did? And god forbid I miss the high notes. I’d die of mortification if my voice cracked.

Dawn and I dancing at my wedding. I think we were singing. :)My friend and accompanist, TC, is speaking with another girl. If he wasn’t gay, I would have thought he was cheating on me. She had long, beautiful hair and these huge, gorgeous eyes. And she was wearing the same jacket I was. TC introduced us and we spoke briefly before going in to class.

I don’t remember singing, but I must have done okay because I didn’t die of mortification. All I remember from my first studio class is that it introduced me to my best friend, Dawn, with the great hair, eyes and - as I found out that evening - great voice, too. The best part about her is that she is such an amazing person - inside and out. I’m more blessed than I could ever express to have her for a friend.

Happy birthday, Dawn! Can you believe it’s been nearly 14 YEARS!?