Day 5 - 5 Things (#reverb11)

5 Things -Describe 5 guilty pleasures


1) Sitting down to write a blog post. I love writing. I love the research and the thinking. I love crafting my words carefully and thoughtfully. I love everything about the process, except for the time it takes me away from my family. But how do I give this up? 

2) Reading. I’m lucky that I spend two hours a day, four days a week on the bus. That is my reading time but it does spill over into my evenings. I read to get sleepy. I read in the evenings because I love to read. Reading feeds my brain’s thirst and hunger for more. Knowledge, ideas, stories. It keeps me full of fresh material to write. For me, one cannot exist without the other. But the same challenge greets me when I pick up something new to read - is it the best use of my time?

3) Chocolate. Is it possible to have a list of guilty pleasures and not include chocolate? I’m pretty sure it’s a required entry on such a list. The darker the better - and none of that white stuff that masquerades as chocolate. I hate to disillusion those fans of faux chocolate, but it’s milk and sugar. If there’s no cocoa in it, it can’t have the name chocolate attached to it.

4) Time with friends. I think it’s a given that anything that involves time away from my family is going to make me feel a measure of guilt. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, always some. Whether it’s right or wrong is irrelevant. I still feel it. I doubt that will ever go away. And the feeling did not start with the addition of a child to our family. Being away from Matt before Brandon came along was always hard on me. I love my family, but I recognize that I need time to do things I’m interested in, too. We each have our interests. In many ways they overlap. Sometimes they don’t and that’s okay.

5) McDonald’s Breakfast. You have no idea how much shame I feel admitting to this. Seriously. I’m blushing as you read this. (Yes, every time, no matter when.) Now that biscuits have come to Canada (I grew up with McD’s biscuits, ya’ll.) I have to hold back from getting breakfast there very often. This is actually easy since I take the bus to work so it’s not even close to convenient. Fortunately, the older I get, the more McDonald’s food grosses me out. Even the breakfast, though it doesn’t gross me out nearly as much as it probably should. If I have McD’s breakfast once a month it’s a lot. If I eat there at all once a month it’s a lot. 

Feel free to berate me in the comments about McDonald’s but nothing else, okay? And only if you share YOUR guilty pleasures.