Ode to Ice and the Perseverance of Canadians

Suspended in my glass, your coolness is sweet
But I fall on my a$$ when you're under my feet
My hand reaches out, but the rail is too far
How on earth will I get to my car?

I arrive at my car without breaking a bone
The doors are all frozen and I've dropped my cell phone
Carefully I stoop to pick it up quick
Balance is precarious on this sheet so slick.

With cell phone in pocket, ready to dial
I set out to proceed with the ice-picking trial
I scrape and I brush and remove all the slush
And wonder if winter can just leave in a rush?

So far no need for emergency assistance
I climb in, turn the key and sigh at the distance
From here to there where I need to go
Why couldn't this storm bring falling snow?

I sigh and press on the gas with great care
Hoping this trip will end without flair
And think once again about this great nation
And the miracle that it has a population.

You see, were it me, I'd run for the hills
To some other place where I get fewer chills
Alas, I'm committed and stuck with the ice
Thankfully, my loved ones make it quite nice.