An epic quest for a stand mixer

My friend Rebecca posted a contest for a KitchenAid stand mixer on her blog recently (sorry, it’s now closed!) and I shared the post on the Karen’s Chronicles Facebook page (hint: if you missed it, you should like me so you don’t next time!) with a note that I was fine with not winning - the contest was just fun! Besides, I have a stand mixer with a crazy epic story that’s been going strong for about six or seven years now. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since we got it! Becky was curious about the story, so here it is:

My stand mixer isn’t one you’ll find on store shelves anymore. Shortly after we bought it (on eBay) we found out that the entire line of small appliances from this particular company was being discontinued. Initially, we were surprised, but then we thought about what had happened with our purchase and it made sense.

Gorgeous, aren’t they!? I would have bought the matching blender, but I was scared to. (Image Source)

It’s a shame, because the products are really gorgeous. In truth, the look puts even KitchenAid’s latest (incredible) colours to shame because the design is so beautiful. I am not overly concerned with how my small appliances look, but these stand mixers were too pretty to pass up. And they were from Jenn-Air - a high-end maker of appliances.

It just goes to show that the outside can be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, but if it’s not well-made inside, it’s not worth the materials used to make it.

This little beauty came to us from a Maytag store down in Arizona. It is one heavy beast, but even with $75 shipping, it was still less expensive than buying retail in Canada.

The day it arrived, we unpacked and immediately tried it out. Fortunately, I tried it without actually attempting to make anything because after turning it on and off once, then turning it back on, it wouldn’t work. Then a little piece of metal fell out of the stand mixer. Clearly it was broken. 

Matt contacted the seller and they told us it was under warranty, so we could contact Maytag Canada to have it fixed or get a new one. What neither of us knew yet was that shipping it across the border voided the warranty.

Yes, somehow having that thing go from Arizona to Ontario made it no longer okay to fix. That is seriously wrong, but you know what the guy in Arizona did? He sent us a new stand on his dime. Yep - $75 more in shipping. We unpacked it and there was no bowl or accessories (understandable - they were all fine) and we asked if we should ship the old one back. He said no.

Stand #2 didn’t work and something was wrong with the elbow. It wasn’t lining up correctly and it was really obvious. That’s not good when you’re going to have high speed spinning happening. So, we contacted the seller again, who was once again very gracious and sent us a third stand - and no, we didn’t have to send either of the first two back or pay for shipping.

Stand #3 still had problems. I don’t even remember what it was, but Matt’s pretty handy and we felt terrible about how this had all gone down for the poor guy down in Arizona. So, Matt cracked open those stands and figured out how to scavenge parts from them to make one of the stands operable.

It worked! We have been using that same mixer for the last 6 or 7 years we’ve had it. We also moved all three heavy beasts from our apartment to our new home so that we could continue scavenging for parts as required. So far, it hasn’t been required.

I still feel so bad for and grateful for the seller down in Arizona. He was wonderful and I doubt he made any money on that sale, but he sure went the extra mile for us. 

So, I can see why Jenn-Air took their small appliances off the market. They weren’t up to the Jenn-Air standard of quality and that’s not worth affecting your reputation on your main line of business, large appliances. I still really enjoy my stand mixer and I love that it has the gorgeous red bowl. I hope it lasts for a few more decades!

But if it doesn’t, I will have no problem with buying a KitchenAid stand mixer. :)