Day 16 - Someone or something you definitely could live without.

Photo Credit: Kym Shumsky ( prompts. And yet, like a bad book that leads one to question the merits of the entire publishing industry, I have to know how it will end. 

Snow. I miss our Indian Summer and winter has barely even begun.

Late nights, though they do contribute to my current blogging binge. (Goal for 2013: a little consistency in frequency.)

Paperwork. I can’t think of anything, other than going to the dentist, that I procrastinate on more than paperwork.

My bed. Okay, so I don’t really want to give up my bed entirely, but the current one is not in great shape, due in part to the human sized ruts on either side of it. Supposedly, the non-flipping mattresses are better than the ones that you flip. Could’ve fooled me. 

That’s five things I could live without. I’m off to book a massage for my neck and shoulders now.