I'm done coasting...time to accelerate

I was reading a friend’s blog today and I saw my blog in her sidebar and it showed my last update as 5 weeks ago. 


I write what I want to write, when I want to write it.Surprisingly, it does and doesn’t feel like it’s been that long to me. It’s been a long time since I neglected to update my blog for so long, but so long as I’m not obligated to create content for anyone other than me, myself and I, this blog won’t be having regular updates unless I have time.

The thing is, right now, time is in short supply:

Exhibit A

Social Capital 2012 is over so the last minute rush is done, but planning for next year will begin very soon.

Exhibit B

I started this business with Lara and things are going really well. (You should have seen my ear-to-ear grin as she and I discussed recent developments the other day. We’re very excited. I’ve never had to work so hard before, but I’ve also never enjoyed what I’m doing as much as this.) I also wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone but Lara - she’s an amazing person to work with.

Exhibit C

There’s also the appointments, phone calls, emails, paperwork, and everything else associated with getting Brandon assessed. It’s a long process that doesn’t end with the assessments and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I’ve been so fortunate that many people in my life are experienced in this process or work in the system. I’m stumbling through but I’m not tripping and falling - I owe that to the amazing friends (some new, some old) that have jumped in to save me.

Exhibit D

Oh yeah, there’s also the small matter that Brandon has switched daycares twice this year and will soon be starting school. And, omg, doing all of this while ramping up the assessment process? Pass me a Tums or 20, please? Or a beer. Or wine. Chocolate works too. Any vice will do.

Exhibit E

How on earth do I have time to hold down a full-time job, too!?!? Well, actually, the business is doing well and I have reduced my hours and my boss and colleagues have all been incredibly supportive of what I’m doing - with Brandon and the business.

In short, this year has been one of the most stressful of my life. I’m not ready to go into all the details (and I may never be) of how this year has impacted me - mentally, emotionally and physically - but suffice it to say I’m on a constant roller coaster. Great highs followed by low lows and all I want is to not burn out.

I can’t burn out.

Fortunately, I know this is temporary. I’m in the short-term pain part of long-term gain. I’m making a conscious choice to work hard. It’s not easy and I don’t complain (except to Lara occasionally - she’s allowed to complain to me too).

Don’t think for a minute that this is only about the business. There is short-term pain (okay, probably not all that short) in the process of getting Brandon assessed and treated as well. But it is SO worth it. HE is worth it. 

I’m glad I went over a month not writing. I’m pretty sure I haven’t blogged anywhere in the last month. Not on my business blog (Thanks, Lara! - see? Amazing partner!), not here and maybe once on Kids in the Capital.

I coasted through August and took it easy. I played games, spent more time with Brandon, read books, tried to do more around my house (though I wasn’t very successful) and generally took a much-needed break. Everything is going to ramp up in the next week and the fall is looking like it’s going to be ridiculously busy. 

Thank goodness I took a little breather. 

Bring it, fall. I’m ready.