Definitely an unintended consequence

I learned a neat little trick a few weeks ago when I was at a tweetup (i.e., twitter meetup). There were quite a few iPhone-toting ladies there, including me, and one of them showed us where she stows her phone for ease and convenience and to avoid having to use one of those clips on your waist. Within our group, there were several ladies who mentioned they do the same with their phones. I liked the idea, but forgot about it for a while.

Then, in the last couple of days, Brandon’s interest in the kid games on my iPhone has really skyrocketed. I’ve been having to share my phone - a lot. (So far, I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms.)

So, I decided to try out my cool new trick yesterday morning in the hopes that I could easily conceal it from Brandon in my new hiding spot, tucked away nice and safe in my bra. Yep, you read that right. It’s comfortable, well concealed and readily available if I ever have to use it - and Brandon wouldn’t know it was there! Until I inadvertently showed him AND he remembered! D’oh!

We were on the main floor - he was playing while I was trying to fix myself some breakfast. I guess he got bored and decided he wanted to play “new game”, which is what he’s calling several games I just showed him this weekend. I wasn’t using my phone, so I immediately - without thinking about concealing my hiding place - reached into my shirt and pulled out my phone for him to use.

One of the “new” games.Later in the day, Matt came home after a trip to the park with Brandon. As they came in the door, Matt was telling Brandon to give me the leaf he was carrying and Brandon was talking too, though I didn’t catch what he said at first. After he handed me the leaf, though, I picked him up to hug him and he immediately thrust his hand down my shirt, at which point it finally registered that he was saying, “new game” and “Mommy’s phone”.

I nearly dropped him I was laughing so hard and said to Matt, “Did you just see that? Do you know what he just did?”

Matt said, “All I know is you don’t let ME do that.”


I didn’t even have the phone on me - it was somewhere else in the house. The same thing happened later in the day when I didn’t have the phone and I decided that my new hidey spot is just not going to work. Hopefully, there will be no more of these incidents, but the child remembers everything so I’m not gonna hold my breath.