A week with Ford tech for Father's Day

When I was asked if I wanted to do anything with Ford Ottawa for Father's Day, I jumped at the chance. We've been talking for about six months now about getting a second vehicle. Our top contenders were the Ford Escape and the Ford Focus. The Escape has been eliminated from the short list and I've added the Ford Fiesta as of last week when I saw the non-hatchback version - super cute! We really like our SUV and want a small, more fuel-efficient second vehicle. Sadly, the C-Max is not in our price range. (Bummer! I sure loved it!)

As you might have noticed, I'm a little late writing about Father's Day. I'm perpetually late these days, to be honest. Although, I did get Matt his Father's Day present early - as in the same week as Mother's Day. Let's just say I way overestimated how long it would take to come. Father's Day part two will be a whole week of taking a car we may purchase for a test run and the thing we both want to check out the most? The tech!

Matt's been talking about Ford's technology for years. Each time I've used one of the Ford vehicles for trips, he's had to look it over, but this is the first time I'm not taking the car and leaving him. It will be right in our driveway for a full week for him to peruse to his heart's content. And I'll be right there by his side.

All this talk about driving a Ford got me reminiscent. I have a lot - a LOT - of Fords in my past. In fact, not counting my current vehicle - which has the distinction of being my very first brand new car purchase ever - my favorite and least favorite vehicles to drive were both Fords. 

My favorite was the Ford Bronco II. In fact, the SUV we have right now handles so much like that Bronco II, that might be why I enjoy driving it so much. The Bronco II was my first standard transmission and I actually learned to drive stick in it. Actually, it wasn't mine. My brother had a very unfortunate knee injury which meant he couldn't drive standard for quite a while. So, he gave me his Bronco II and I gave him my Ford Tempo. The trade was fairly even. The truck didn't have A/C anymore and the Tempo didn't have much pickup. ;)  Once I got the hang of driving stick, that truck was a dream to drive. I finally understood why people enjoy driving vehicles with standard transmissions. Everyone should learn...including Matt so we can finally buy one!

Image Source: Wikipedia

The least favorite car is probably a predecessor of the Ford Tempo. And, like the Tempo, it is not a jewel in Ford's design and performance history, I'm sure. Even Scott Monty would probably have trouble marketing the Ford Fairmont circa 198-whatever year it was - '81 or '83, I think. I drove it in the mid '90s, so it had aged a fair bit. I told my mom it would go zero to sixty in five minutes. I would even lean forward in the driver's seat as I went up hills (Tallahassee is a hillacious city!) and willing the car to just please go.

I also drove a Ford Taurus for a while. I didn't even care that I was 18 driving a family sedan. It was a nice car and it had a keypad on the door so I could lock my keys in the car and not have to worry about getting back in. That feature and the miles to empty (this was in the U.S., not Canada) saved me numerous times.  

So, I'm really looking forward to using Ford technology again in the Ford Focus [PDF] and spend a week poking around and really getting to know what the car can do.