Learning about lobsters at Sobeys


The closest grocery store to our house is Sobeys. It's not the cheapest, but I shop there anyway because I like it. They have wonderful staff, a clean store, and great selection. It's so convenient too!

Brandon's school recently had a cake raffle as a fundraiser. He had a hard time understanding how the raffle worked and that he might not actually win one of the cakes. And even though the draw wasn't completed the day he selected the cake(s) he wanted to try to win, he still had a major cake craving. (#shocker!) So, we went to Sobeys to get cake mix and icing, as well as dinner makings for the next day.

After we finished going through the produce department getting everything I needed from there, we headed back through the seafood area where Brandon always needs to stop and look at the lobsters. On this particular day, there was a very nice gentleman working who offered to show Brandon a lobster up close. He then proceeded to tell Brandon all about the lobster's pincers and what they do with each one, then how they move around on their legs, etc. I was so impressed that this man took the time out of his day to teach Brandon all about the lobsters that B was clearly interested in.

When he got through telling Brandon, who was mostly just enthralled looking at the lobster up close, Brandon said, "Thank you for teaching me all about the lobster." 

I am so proud of him for being so polite.